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Legal Resources | United States Code, Title 20 |  T20  2341  

State Administration.   

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(a) Eligible Agency Responsibilities.--The responsibilities of an eligible agency under this title shall include--

(1) coordination of the development, submission, and implementation of the State plan, and the evaluation of the program, services, and activities assisted under this title, including preparation for non-traditional fields;

(2) consultation with the Governor and appropriate agencies, groups, and individuals including parents, students, teachers, teacher and faculty preparation programs, representatives of businesses (including small businesses), labor organizations, eligible recipients, State and local officials, and local program administrators, involved in the planning, administration, evaluation, and coordination of programs funded under this title;

(3) convening and meeting as an eligible agency (consistent with State law and procedure for the conduct of such meetings) at such time as the eligible agency determines necessary to carry out the eligible agency's responsibilities under this title, but not less than 4 times annually; and

(4) the adoption of such procedures as the eligible agency considers necessary to--

(A) implement State level coordination with the activities undertaken by the State boards under section 111 of Public Law 105-220; and

(B) make available to the service delivery system under section 121 of Public Law 105-220 within the State a listing of all school dropout, postsecondary education, and adult programs assisted under this title.

(b) Exception.--Except with respect to the responsibilities set forth in subsection (a), the eligible agency may delegate any of the other responsibilities of the eligible agency that involve the administration, operation, or supervision of activities assisted under this title, in whole or in part, to 1 or more appropriate State agencies.

(Public Law 109-270.)