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Elk Grove USD  |  BP  0000  Philosophy, Goals, Objectives and Comprehensive Plans

Concepts And Roles   

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The Board of Education believes that the effectiveness of the educational program of the school district depends fundamentally upon an acceptable philosophic base, a set of agreed-upon goals, and detailed objectives consistent with those goals. Wide participation in the development of statements of philosophy, goals, and objectives is mandated by this Board. To guide the efforts of those participating under the leadership of the superintendent, the Board adopts the following three definitions:

Educational Philosophy

"Philosophy" means a composite statement of the relationship between the individual and society based upon beliefs, concepts, and attitudes from which the goals and objectives of the district are derived.

Educational Goals

"Goal" means a statement of broad direction or intent which is general and timeless and is not concerned with a particular achievement within a specified time period.


"Objective" means a specific accomplishment to be reached that can be verified within a given time and under specifiable conditions which, if attained, advances the system toward a corresponding goal.

Board Responsibility

The Board urges the superintendent to use the following process, with any desired adaptations, in establishing and evaluating the educational program:

1. Identify student and community needs.

2. Establish district educational philosophy, goals, and objectives responsive to the needs of a pluralistic society.

3. Determine those instructional programs most appropriate to meet student and community needs.

4. Allocate necessary resources, commensurate with financial ability, toward achieving the goals and objective.

5. Constantly evaluate the effectiveness of the educational system and instructional programs. This process should enable the district to assess and identify strengths and weaknesses in student progress, and provide direction for correcting identified deficiencies in instructional methods, materials and program.

Legal Reference:


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adopted: October 1, 1984 Elk Grove, California