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Elk Grove USD  |  BP  0200  Philosophy, Goals, Objectives and Comprehensive Plans

Mission And Goals For The District   

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Mission Statement of the District

The Mission of the district is to:

* Develop in students confidence in their ability to fulfill their unique potential, intellectually, physically and emotionally.

* Educate students to be effective thinkers and learners now and for the future.

* Teach students about our diverse culture, and develop in them a respect for and appreciation of that culture.

* Prepare students with the skills, sensitivity, and knowledge to become ethical and responsible citizens, family members, and workers.

Goals for the School District

The Board believes in the reforms, incentives, and strategies developed in the Hughes-Hart Educational Reform Act of 1983. This school district shall provide for our students educational, personal, and career needs by striving to:

1. Provide a variety of classroom settings and instructional styles which have been shown to be effective by research.

2. Maintain orderly and efficient campuses which encourage positive attitudes in students and high morale and quality teaching from teachers.

3. Provide for the specialized needs of identified groups of students by the effective use of categorical aid funding.

4. Provide appropriate instruction to meet the varied future and career goals of students.

5. Assure that students achieve academic proficiency in essential areas of skill and knowledge.

6. Identify and respond to individual educational needs of students, each of whom is a unique human being who can ultimately become a responsible and contributing member of society.

7. Develop each student's respect of self and others, personal and school responsibility and critical thinking.

8. Involve parents/guardians and community members in a broad range of activities at each school, recognizing the vital role of parental attitudes and values in education.

Legal Reference:

Legislative intent of the Hughes-Hart Educational Reform Act of 1983


adopted: October 1, 1984 Elk Grove, California

amended: April 18, 1988