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Video Surveillance Equipment On School Campuses   

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Video surveillance equipment may be installed in the public areas of any school campus at the discretion or the Superintendent's designee when it is determined to serve a useful purpose in deterring acts of vandalism/theft on that school campus.

Unauthorized staff and students are prohibited from tampering with or otherwise interfering with the video surveillance equipment.

Recorded video images may be reviewed by the Superintendent or the Superintendent's designees, which includes, but is not limited to law enforcement personnel, administrators, and security personnel.


The Director of Maintenance shall be responsible for all video surveillance equipment utilized pursuant to this Board Policy and Administrative Regulation.

Recorded video images shall be stored for thirty (30) calendar days. Following this C3D-day period, the district may destroy or record over the video images. The district may exercise its discretion to maintain a recorded video image for an indefinite period should it determine that the recorded video image has a useful purpose that exceeds the 3-day period.

A written log is to be maintained which will identify the date(s) of the recorded video images, the campus, and the location of the recording device.

All recorded video images are the property of the district.

Student Records

In the event a recorded video image reflects conduct which results in the initiation of disciplinary action against a student, the district will treat the recorded video image as a permissive student record. As such, the recorded video image will be considered a student record for purposes of privacy and access.

Viewing of Videotapes

Recorded video images taken pursuant to this Board Policy and Administrative Regulation will be treated as public records pursuant to the California Public Records Act. Where privacy interests outweigh the interest in producing the recorded video image for review by the public, or where another exception to the California Public Records Act is applicable, access to the recorded video images will be prohibited. Recorded video images are not to be removed from district property.


The district shall provide students, parents, and staff notification in writing that there is a surveillance system continuously in operation on the campus for the purposes identified in this Board Policy and Administrative Regulation.

In addition, signs must be clearly displayed near the installed digital video equipment to notify those in the area of its presence and that it records 24 hours per day.


approved: August 6, 2001 Elk Grove, California