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Elk Grove USD  |  AR  3569  Business and Noninstructional Operations

Use Of District Vehicles   

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District Approval for Vehicle Use

District vehicles may be used by employees for authorized school district activities, such as the following:

1. District travel that has been approved by the responsible Site Administrator or Program Manager.

2. Regular assigned duties.

3. Agriculture/R.O.P. Programs.

4. Employees who are routinely "on call" outside of business hours.

A district vehicle should not be taken to the employee's home without advance approval from the appropriate Associate or Assistant Superintendent. Advance approval is not required for the following conditions:

1. The "on call" outside of business hours employee.

2. The vehicle is required before or after the employee's usual working hours.

3. The employee will be departing for, or returning from, an official trip , away from the employee's normal work station.

Driver Eligibility

1. Employees and members of the Board of Education of the district who operate district vehicles shall possess a valid California Driver's License.

2. Employees who transport students with district vehicles shall comply with all of the requirements of Administrative Field Trip Regulation # 3564 a.

Areas of Responsibility for Vehicles:

The Site Administrator, Program Manager or designee is responsible for any vehicles assigned to his/her site or program as follows:

1. Procure all vehicles through the Transportation and Purchasing Departments to assure the proper use of vehicle specifications and purchasing procedures.

2. Provide proper vehicle security at the site by

a. Designating parking spaces where lighting, fences, or building space is available.

b. Locking vehicles when not in use.

c. Not leaving keys in unattended vehicles.

3. Monitor vehicle use for other than regular assignments as follows:

a. Provide prior approval, at the site level, for vehicles used inside Sacramento County.

b. Require and approve a "Travel Request" form for any vehicles used outside of Sacramento County. This form is to be submitted to the budget department at least fifteen (15) days in advance of the trip.

c. Maintain a log for each vehicle, which shows the date, time out, destination, purpose of trip, mileage out, mileage in, time in, and driver.

4. Assure that the vehicle is delivered to the Transportation Department for any needed repairs, services and safety inspections according to the standards established by the Transportation Department for each vehicle.

5. Assure that there are sufficient funds available to adequately operate and maintain each vehicle.

The Transportation Department shall:

a. Establish service and safety inspection intervals for each district vehicle.

b. Carry out the repair, service and safety inspections of vehicles.

c. Provide specifications, which must be used, for the purchase of vehicles.

d. Receive funding for the maintenance and repair of vehicles from the responsible program.

The Fiscal Services Department shall:

a. Assure that district vehicles are properly insured.

b. Provide district level insurance coverage for all vehicles that are approved for district use.

c. Provide assistance for the purchase of vehicles.

d. Submit a Request for Transportation form to the Transportation Department for the general use by district employees, within two working days of receipt of the travel request.


approved: September 2, 1986 Elk Grove, California

revised: June 21, 2004