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Certificated Personnel   

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It is necessary to clarify the role of teachers and other certificated personnel in the educational program in order that they may perform optimally.

The policies and regulations in this series are established to inform certificated personnel of the framework within which they operate. The Board of Education intends that they be administered uniformly and fairly throughout the school district.

The Board considers it the right and responsibility of the total staff to offer their abilities, experiences and interests to the consideration and solution of problems, policies and advancement of the total educational program in the district, state and nation.

The duties and responsibilities of school positions shall be clearly defined and made known to each member of the certificated staff who shall be held accountable for duties assigned to him/her.

The Superintendent and the Board encourage the staff to participate cooperatively in the study and recommendation of district policies to effect the highest standards of service through established channels.

All policies, rules and regulations concerning school personnel shall be in writing. The Board shall publish personnel policies in a comprehensive manual, making them available to all concerned.

Policies and regulations apply only to the extent that they are not in conflict with any employee contract/agreement between the district and an employee organization officially required to meet and negotiated with the Board.

When employees are covered by terms of an employee agreement, the applicable employee agreements, indexed by number and subject as in this policy manual, will be found at the end of the personnel series.

Legal Reference:


90 Definition: "Certificated" and "certified" (have the same meaning)

44006 Certificated person


adopted: December 3, 1984 Elk Grove, California