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Health Examinations   

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New Employees

1. No person shall be initially employed unless he/she has placed on file with the district a certificate from a physician licensed under the Business and Professions Code indicating that a tuberculosis examination within the past 60 days shows that he/she is free from active tuberculosis. The tuberculosis examination shall consist of an approved intradermal tuberculin test. An X-ray of the lungs shall be required only if the intradermal test is positive. (Education Code 49406)

Persons transferring from another district may fulfill tuberculosis examination requirements in either of the following ways: (Education Code 49406)

a. By producing a certificate showing that the employee was examined within the last four years and found free of active tuberculosis, or

b. By having the last employing school verify that it has on file a current certificate which contains that showing.

2. When a new employee in a position requiring certification has not previously been employed in such a position in California, he/she must have a medical certificate on file with the district. The certificate will state that the employee is free from any disabling disease which would render him/her unfit to instruct or associate with children. The certificate form may be obtained from the human resources office. It must be filled out by a licensed physician and returned to the human resources office by the physician. The medical examination referred to in the certificate must have been conducted within six months of the time when the certificate is filed. (Education Code 44839)

The cost of preemployment examinations shall be borne by the applicant. (Education Code 44839, 45122, 49406)

When an employee's religious belief prevents him/her from undergoing a physical examination, the district shall follow provisions of Education Code 49406.

Continuing Employees

Continuing employees who test negative on tuberculin skin tests shall undergo a tuberculosis examination at least once every four (4) years. (Education Code 49406)

Tuberculosis tests and other medical examinations required by the Superintendent or designee shall be administered by a physician licensed under the Business and Professions Code and shall be provided by the district or at district expense. (Education Code 44839, 45122, 49406)

Food & Nutrition Services Workers

All food & nutrition services workers who cook, serve or handle food are required to obtain a health certificate before being assigned to work in any district cafeteria or kitchen. If a disease is suspected, a blood test or periodic health examinations may be required.


approved: July 1, 2002 Elk Grove, California