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Personnel Records   

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[Collective bargaining contracts govern this policy area and the following personnel policy pertains only to classified employees not governed by a collective bargaining agreement. Represented classified employees should refer to either the AFSCME or A TV contracts for this policy area.]

Personnel records shall be kept on current employees and former employees, as appropriate.

Personnel files will be considered confidential and will not be available to persons other than the employee and those authorized by the Superintendent, or as required by law.

Written materials filed (except for those prohibited by law*) shall be made available for inspection by the employee involved at an off-duty time in the presence of an administrator.

Employee shall request inspection of personnel file through personnel office and make an appointment for such review during normal business hours.

Requests for copies of material in personnel file must be in writing and approved by the Director of Personnel, Assistant Superintendent, Human Resources or designee. Any copies made will be at the employee's expense.


adopted: December 3, 1984 Elk Grove, California

amended: November 2, 1998