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Employment Of Relatives   

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The following regulations shall govern conflict of interest in the employment of staff:

1. The employment of Board of Education family members shall be governed by the restrictions specified under BB 9270.

2. Persons related by blood or marriage to a district employee shall not be appointed to positions where the district employee maintains supervisory or evaluation responsibilities for the position.

3. Members of the same family may be employed at the same department or work location upon written approval by the Superintendent or his/her designated representative.

It is the intent of these rules to avoid any situation wherein there can arise a conflict of interest either on the part of a member of the Board or a member of the administrative staff.

Legal Reference:


1090-1097 Prohibitions applicable to specified officers

1125-1128 Incompatible activities

12940 Unlawful employment practices, exceptions

82028 Definitions "Gifts"

82030 Definitions "Income"

82033 Definitions "Interest in real property"

82034 Definitions "Investment"

87100 et seq. Conflicts of interest

87200 et seq. Disclosure

87300 et seq. Conflict of interest code

97100 et seq. Enforcement


adopted: September 18, 1989 Elk Grove, California