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Child Abuse Reporting Statement

The Board of Education requires all employees who are child care custodians, medical practitioners or non-medical practitioners, as defined by Penal Code 11165, to report known or suspected instances of child abuse.

Prior to employment, persons in the above positions shall sign a statement to the effect that the employee knows of the legal requirement to report known or suspected instances of child abuse and is prepared to comply with this provision of law. (Penal Code 11166.5)

The Superintendent shall ensure that the provisions of this policy are carried out in accordance with the law.

(cf. 5141.4 Child Abuse and Neglect)

The Superintendent is directed to provide training in the duties of child abuse reporting to instructional and teacher aides, teacher assistants and other classified employees or report to the State Department of Education why such training has not been provided. (Penal Code 11165.5)

Legal Reference:


44690 et seq. Staff development in the detection of child abuse and neglect.


273A Willful cruelty or unjustifiable punishment of child; endangering life or health

11165-11165.5 Definitions relating to child abuse

11166-11170 Reporting known or suspected cases of child abuse

11172 Exemption from civil and criminal liability resulting from required reporting of known or suspected child abuse; failure to report is a misdemeanor.


adopted: September 18, 1989 Elk Grove, California