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Suspension/Disciplinary Action   

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Suspension without Pay

Suspension without pay is applied when an employee's unprofessional conduct is not considered serious enough to warrant dismissal. A permanent certificated employee may be suspended on grounds of unprofessional conduct. The board may also suspend or transfer certificated employees on the grounds of mental illness of such a degree to render the employee incompetent to perform his/her duties. The procedure to be followed in initiating a suspension without pay shall be those designated in Section 44932(b) of the Education Code.

A probationary certificated employee hired on or after July 1, 1983 may be suspended without pay for a specified period as an alternative to dismissal. The procedures for such a suspension are set forth in the Education Code. (See, for example, Education Code 44948.3(b))

Legal Reference:


44932 Grounds for dismissal of permanent employee

44933 Other grounds for dismissal

44940 Sex offenses and narcotic offenses; compulsory leave of absence

44942 Suspension or transfer of certificated employee on ground of mental illness

44948 Grounds & procedures for dismissal of probationary employees

51530 Advocacy or teaching of communism

CSBE v. Foothill Community College Dist., 52 Cal. App. 3rd 150, 155-156, 124 Cal. Rptr. 830 (1975) ("Conduct unbecoming an employee too vague")


adopted: December 3, 1984 Elk Grove, California