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Elk Grove USD  |  BP  4119.42  Personnel

Infectious Disease Education   

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The Board is committed to maintaining a safe, healthful environment for all employees. The Superintendent or designee shall provide district staff with information responding to concerns about workplace safety and explaining the ways by which various infectious diseases are known to be transmitted.

(cf. E 5141.23 -Precautions in handling and cleaning up blood and body fluids)

In keeping with the Health and Safety Code, the district shall annually distribute to its employees information about AIDS, AIDS-related conditions, and Hepatitis B or more frequently as such information is compiled and updated by the State Department of Education. This information shall include methods of preventing exposure to AIDS and Hepatitis B, including information about the availability of a vaccine to prevent contraction of Hepatitis B. Employees shall be informed as to whether the cost of vaccination is covered by their health plan. (Health and Safety Codes 199.81 -199.82)

Because medical knowledge about infectious diseases is continually growing, this policy shall be reviewed annually and updated when necessary.

Legal Reference:


199.81 Providing information to school district on AIDS, AIDS-related conditions and Hepatitis B

199.82 Information to employees of school district


adopted: September 18, 1989 Elk Grove, California

amended: July 6, 1992