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Staff Development   

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[The provisions of this policy are governed by the current Employee Contract with the Elk Grove Education Association. The language below augments your contract.]

The Board of Education recognizes that a competent well- trained staff is essential to carrying out its goals. Besides providing opportunities for personal growth, staff development is viewed as a necessary, continuous and systematic effort to improve district educational programs by involving all employees in activities that improve their skills and broaden their perceptions.

The Board recognizes that it shares with its staff the responsibility for upgrading and updating abilities, performance, knowledge and attitudes. In our rapidly changing society, teachers must constantly review curriculum content, teaching methods and materials, and related goals. The Board encourages the ongoing training of teachers and improvement of instructional methods.

Employees shall be provided opportunities to develop increased competence beyond that which may be attained through the performance of assigned duties.

Special emphasis shall be made to better prepare teachers and other personnel to meet the needs of students from diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds. Administrators, teachers and parent advisory groups shall cooperate in planning and implementing such programs.

In order to respond directly to the educational needs of our students, staff development activities shall cover: (a) content areas such as language arts, reading and writing, math, social science, and science; (b) methodological areas such as motivation, teaching techniques, and classroom management; and (c) affective areas such as interpersonal relations between students and faculty, Student Unity, student growth and development, and staff communication, problem solving and decision-making.

The Superintendent is encouraged to provide the staff with developmental opportunities such as the following:

1. Released time and leaves of absence for travel and study.

2. Visits to other classrooms and other schools.

3. Conferences involving other personnel from the district, county, state, region or nation.

4. Membership in committees drawing personnel from various sources.

5. Training classes and workshops offered by the district.

6. Further training in institutions of higher learning, including credit courses conducted in or near the district, instead of the college campus, whenever possible.

7. A full, up-to-date professional library, including materials on management and leadership in the public schools, for use of certificated staff.

8. Professional educational conferences.

Staff Development Program Related to the School-Based Program Coordination Act

As part of the school plan developed by the site council under the School-Based Program Coordination Act, schools may include time during the regular school year to advise students or conduct staff development programs for implementation of the plan, provided that such time does not exceed eight (8) days each year for each participating staff member. (Education Code Section 52854)

(cf. 4116 -Probationary/Permanent Status)

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development programs


adopted: December 3, 1984 Elk Grove, California

revised: September 18, 1989

revised: July 5, 2005