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Insurance/Health And Welfare Benefits   

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[Collective Bargaining contracts govern this policy area and the following personnel policy pertains only to classified employees not governed by a collective bargaining agreement. Represented classified employees should refer to either the AFSCME, ATU or CSEA contracts for this policy area.]

It is the policy of the Board of Education to provide a health and welfare benefits insurance program for all regular employees who work four (4) hours per day [twenty (20) hours per week] or more and for their dependents, at the expense of the district. The same program shall be provided for employees not covered by an employee agreement and for the members of the Board requesting it.

Legal Reference:


1252 Power to contract for group workers' compensation insurance (county superintendent)

35176 Replacing or repairing employees' property

35208 Liability insurance

35212 Insurance coverage for volunteers

35213 Reimbursement for loss, destruction or damage of personal property

35214 Liability insurance (self-insurance)

44041 Deductions in salary payment as requested by employee

44042 Payroll deduction for collection of insurance premium

45136 Benefits for classified


53200-53209 Group insurance, especially

53200 Definitions: group insurance, local agency; health and welfare benefits, employees


adopted: December 4, 1984 Elk Grove, California

revised: July 1, 2002