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Elk Grove USD  |  AR  4161.1  Personnel

Personal Illness And Injury Leave   

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[The provisions of this policy are governed by the current Employee Contract with the Elk Grove Education Association and Psychologists and Social Workers Association. The language below augments your contract.]

After any absence due to illness or injury, the employee shall verify the absence by submitting a completed and signed district absence form to his/her immediate supervisor.

The district may additionally require written verification by the employee's doctor or practitioner. Such verification shall be required whenever an employee's absence record' shows chronic absenteeism or a pattern of absences immediately before or after weekends and/ or holidays or whenever clear evidence indicated that an absence is not related to illness or injury. Chronic absenteeism may be indicated when an employee has exhausted his/her entire ten-day sick leave benefit during three or more of the past five years.

At its expense, the district may require an employee to visit a physician selected by the district in order to receive a report on the nature and severity of an illness or injury. If the report concludes that the employee's condition does not warrant continued absence, the Superintendent or designee, after giving notice to the employee, may deny further leave.

Before returning to work, an employee who has been absent for surgery, hospitalization or extended medical treatment may be asked to submit a letter from his/her doctor stating that he/she is able to return and stipulating any recommended restrictions or limitations. The district may, at district expense, require the opinion of a physician chosen by the district.

Sick leave may be used for medical and dental appointments, in increments of not less than (one hour/one-half day/one day)


Employee shall notify the district of their need to be absent as soon as such need is known, so that substitute services may be secured. This notification shall include an estimate of the expected duration of absence. If the absence becomes longer than estimated, the employee shall again notify the district of the need for a substitute. If the duration of absence is unknown or becomes shorter than estimated, the employee shall notify the district of his/her intent to return by at least 3 p.m. of the working day preceding the day he/she returns. If failure to so notify the district results in a substitute being secured, the cost of the substitute shall be deducted from the employee's pay.


adopted: December 3, 1984 Elk Grove, California

amended: September 18, 1989