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[Collective Bargaining contracts govern this policy area and the following personnel policy pertains only to classified employees not governed by a collective bargaining agreement. Represented classified employees should refer to either the AFSCME, ATU or CSEA contracts for this policy area.]

Staff-Administrator-Board of Education Relationships

The Board of Education recognizes the right of public school employees to join organizations of their own choice, to be represented by such organizations in the employment relationships with the district, to select one employee organization as the exclusive representative of the employees in a representative unit, and to afford classified employees a voice in the formulation of policies or regulations which affect them. The Board also recognizes that it has the final responsibility of establishing policies for the school system and that the Superintendent and staff have the responsibility of carrying out policies. (Government Code 3543)

Attainment of Goals

Attainment of the goals of the educational program conducted in the schools of the district requires mutual understanding and cooperation among the Board, the Superintendent and administrative staff, the certificated personnel, the classified personnel and other citizens of the community. To this end, free and open exchange of views is desirable, proper and necessary.

Employee Organizations

All employees are free to join or not to join employee organizations. Decisions affecting the individual employee are made without regard to membership or non-membership in such organizations. Each employee is entitled to his/her individual legal or ethical rights and privileges. (Government Code 3543)

Employees shall not be interfered with, intimidated, restrained, coerced or discriminated against either by the school district or by employee organizations because of their membership or non-membership in employee organizations. They shall have the right to participate through representatives of their own choosing in the presentation of their views to the Board. If an agency shop is agreed upon, employees may refuse to join or pay dues and fees to the exclusive representative, and an amount of money equal to the dues and fees shall be paid to a non-religious, non-labor, tax-exempt charitable organization instead. (Government Code 3543)

Employee organizations which meet the provisions of the law shall have the right to represent their members in matters within the scope of the law. (Government Codes 3543.1, 3543.5)

(cf. 4252 - Salary Checks and Deductions)

Policy Development and Review

The Superintendent is directed to consult with appropriate personnel and employee organizations in suggesting and establishing the desired policies and regulations relating to Board-administrator-employee relationships and other matters as provided by law.

The Board will annually review these policies and will consider suggested revisions or additions which will improve these relationships and promote the educational welfare of the children attending the schools of the district.

Legal Reference:


35010 Control of district; prescription and enforcement of rules

35161 Powers and duties generally

35291 Rules (re government of schools)


3540.1(i) Organizational security defined

3540-3549.3 Public educational employer-employee relations

3546 Agreement to organizational security agreement; rescission


adopted: December 4, 1984 Elk Grove, California

revised: July 1, 2002