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Personal Illness And Injury Leave   

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[Collective bargaining contracts govern this policy area and the following personnel policy pertains only to classified employees not governed by a collective bargaining agreement. Represented classified employees should refer to either the AFSCME, ATU or CSEA contracts for this policy area.]

Each full-time employee is entitled to twelve (12) days' personal illness or injury leave of absence per fiscal year, with full pay. Full-time employees who serve less than a full fiscal year shall be granted a prorated share of the twelve (12) days' leave, and part-time employees shall be granted comparable sick leave in proportion to the time employed. (Education Code 45191)

Credit for sick leave does not have to be accrued before an employee takes a sick leave. Such leave may be taken at any time during the year. However, new employees shall not be entitled to more than six (6) days of sick leave until they have completed six (6) months of active service with the district.

Unused days of sick leave shall be accumulated from year to year without limitation.

The Board of Education shall establish regulations requiring proof of illness or injuries reported by employees and specifying procedures by which such verification shall be made. (Education Code 45191)

Upon request, employees who terminate their service to the district may have their accumulated sick leave transferred to their next district of employment. (Education Code 45202)

Sick Leave beyond Twelve Days

After an employee has exhausted his/her sick leave, vacation, compensatory overtime and other available paid leave, he/she shall receive his/her regular salary minus the amount paid to a substitute employed to fill the position, for a period of five (5) months or less.

Legal Reference:


45190 Leaves of absence and vacation

45191 Leaves of absence for illness and injury

45193 Leave of absence for pregnancy (re use of sick leave under certain circumstances)

45195 Additional leave for non-industrial accident, or illness; reemployment preference

45196 Salary; deduction during sick leave

45202 Transfer of accumulated sick leave and other benefits


approved: December 3, 1984 Elk Grove, California

amended: September 18, 1989

amended: July 1, 2002