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Staff Development   

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The Board of Education recognizes that professional development opportunities enhance employee effectiveness and contribute to staff morale. The Board desires that all administrators share in planning activities which are pertinent to their specific areas of responsibility and which improve overall management efficiency.

Staff development shall be tied to the needs of the district. The Board especially encourages activities which will improve the quality of the educational program and focus on the areas of technology, school reform, at-risk youth and communication with parents/guardians.

Within budget parameters, the Superintendent may approve participation in activities which will benefit individual administrators and enhance their contributions to the district.

(cf. 4133/4244/4333 -Travel Expenses)

Legal Reference:


44670.3-44670.6 Activities related to the Professional Development Program

44681-44689.5 Administrator Training and Evaluation

52034 Staff development activities reflecting School Improvement Program goals


adopted: December 3, 1984 Elk Grove. California

revised: May 16, 1984