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Maternity/Adoptive/Child Care Leave   

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Parental Leave

It is the policy of the district to grant a paid parental leave of absence to a management employee in relation to child-bearing as follows:

1. A management employee who is pregnant may continue in active employee as late in her pregnancy as her attending physician permits. Any disability caused or contributed to a pregnancy, miscarriage, childbirth, and recovery there- from is, for all job-related purposes, a temporary disability as determined by the attending physician and shall be treated as such and shall be under the sick leave policy of the district.

2. A management employee shall be granted, upon request, up to two (2) days of paid leave to be taken at the time of birth of his/her child. These days may be taken at the time of delivery of the child and/or at the time the mother and child leave the hospital. This leave shall not be deducted from sick leave.

3. A management employee adopting a child shall be granted, upon request, an unpaid leave up to two (2) years to commence at any time during the first year after receiving defacto custody of said child, or prior to receiving such custody, if necessary to fulfill the requirements of adoption.

Legal Reference:


44965 Granting of leaves of absence for pregnancy and childbirth

44978 Provisions for sick leave of certificated employees (the right to use sick leave for maternity purposes)

45193 Leaves of absence for pregnancy


approved: December 3, 1984 Elk Grove, California