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Photographing Of Students   

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Taking pictures on school grounds of school students and buildings for commercial purposes is normally prohibited. Any exceptions require an application in writing and the approval of the Superintendent.

1. "Commercial purposes" in this context is defined to mean:

a. For sale whether at a profit or not; or

b. For use in connection with the advertisement or promotion of goods or services.

2. School students in this context means boys and girls enrolled in the school during that part of the day they are at school, on the school grounds, or engaged in any activity under the direction and supervision of the school.

3. Photographs of special education students may not be taken without prior consent of the parents or guardian.


Not included in the prohibition are the following which are permissible within good judgment as to time, place, and circumstances and with the approval of the principal or person in charge:

1. Pictures by an established news service or publication for purely news or feature use.

2. Pictures taken for use by the schools for illustrative or historical purposes.

3. Pictures taken by individuals for personal use and not for sale.

4. Pictures taken for use in the school annuals.


adopted: October 29, 1984 Elk Grove, California