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Equipment, Books And Materials   

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Any year during which the district participates in the state Pupil Textbook and Instructional Materials Incentive Program, the Board of Education shall hold one or more public hearings. At these hearings, the Board shall determine whether each student in each school has or will have before the end of the fiscal year sufficient textbooks and instructional materials in each subject consistent with the content and cycles of the state curriculum frameworks. The Board's determination shall be made in the form of a resolution. (Education Code 60119)

The Board shall encourage participation by parents/guardians, teachers, interested community members and bargaining unit leaders at the above hearing(s). Ten days before the hearing(s), the Superintendent or designee shall post a notice in three public places within the district containing the time, place and purpose of the hearing. (Education Code 60119)

If the Board determines that there are insufficient textbooks and/or instructional materials, the Board shall: (Education Code 60119)

1. Provide classroom teachers and the public the reasons for the insufficiency, and

2. Take action to ensure that the insufficiency is corrected within two years, using any of the following:

a. Funds available from categorical programs for textbooks and/or instructional materials, including funds appropriated in the annual Budget Act.

b. District funds that are in excess of the amount available for each student during the prior fiscal year to purchase textbooks and/or instructional materials.

c. Other funds available to the district for textbooks and/or instructional materials.

The Superintendent or designee shall: (Education Code 60252)

1. Assure the Superintendent of Public Instruction of the district's compliance with the above requirements, and

2. Ensure that funds received through the Pupil Textbook and Instructional Materials Incentive Program:

a. Are used in compliance with Education Code 60119, and

b. Supplement any other state and local monies expended on textbooks and/or instructional materials.


adopted: October 2, 1995 Elk Grove, California