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Specialized Instructional Programs   

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The Board of Education recognizes its obligation to provide an appropriate educational program for all students who live in the district. Since not all students can properly be served by the standard programs offered in the district's comprehensive high schools, it shall be the purpose of the district to provide alternative programs to students with special needs; such programs will focus on providing such students with the assistance necessary to help them meet the district requirements for high school graduation.

Alternative Education Programs

1. Continuation high schools (Daylor, Omochumnes, Pioneer, Rio Cazadero) --Enrollment in continuation high school will be maintained at its current proportion to total 9-12 enrollment (16%) as long as it is justified by the need.

2. Other existing programs such as independent study, cyesis, parenting, opportunity, and work experience --Enrollment ~ in these programs may grow to meet identified needs.

3. New programs may be recommended by the Superintendent for board consideration and approval.

Continuation High School and Independent Study Program

The following means of referral are used for the continuation high schools and the independent study program.

1. District school attendance review board.

2. Recommendation and referral from each of the comprehensive schools.

3. Referral from juvenile authorities.

4. Direct request from parent/guardian with appropriate review by school of residence.

5. All referrals for special education students to alternative education programs must be approved by the district alternative placement committee.

Gifted and Talented Student Programs

The Board has established a gifted children program according to the provisions of Education Code 52200 et seq., and will maintain the program according to law and the regulations of the state Department of Education.

(cf. 6172 -Gifted and Talented Student Program)

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adopted: October 29, 1984 Elk Grove, California