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Continuation Education   

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The Board of Education provides a continuation education program to meet the special needs of 16 and 17 year old students who are not making sufficient progress at a comprehensive high school or other similar private institution, and who are not legally exempted from compulsory school attendance. Continuation schools meet the following needs:

1. An opportunity for pupils to complete the required academic courses of instruction to graduate from high school.

2. A program of instruction which emphasizes occupational orientation or a work-study schedule and offers intensive guidance services to meet the special needs of pupils.

3. A program designed to meet the educational needs of each pupil, including, but not limited to, independent study, regional occupation programs, work study, career counseling, and job placement services, as a supplement to classroom instruction.


Students 16 years of age or older and under 18 years of age who have not graduated from high school shall be permitted by the Board to enroll in continuation school upon recommendation of their comprehensive high school principal or designee.

A student who is 18 years of age and in his/her fourth year of high school will be permitted to enroll in a continuation school if he or she meets the residence requirements of the district.

Continued Enrollment of 18-Year Old Students

Students who are returning to school for a fifth year must meet certain criteria in order to continue their education at the continuation high school.

1. They must show evidence of sufficient academic progress in the previous grading term by earning minimum of 12 credits per quarter or 25 credits per semester.

2. They must have maintained 80% actual attendance at the continuation high school during the previous grading term.

3. If the student, at the end of their fourth year, is more than 30 credits short of graduation, they must complete at least 5 credits in summer school before continuing their educate in the fifth year at the continuation school.

Legal Reference:


41505-41508 Pupil Retention Block Grant

42243.7 District revenue limit for districts with a continuation high school

48400-48454 Compulsory continuation education in general, especially:

48401 Weekly minimum attendance requirement

48402 Minors not regularly employed

48410-48416 Compulsory continuation education

48430-48438 Continuation classes

48450-48454 Violation

48900 Grounds for suspension and expulsion

48903 Limitations on days of suspension

51224 Courses of study

51225.3 Requirements for graduation

60850-60856 High school exit examination


7000-7002 Emancipation of minors law

7050 Purposes for which emancipated minor considered an adult


11000-11010 Continuation education

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adopted: May 6, 1996 Elk Grove, California