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Concepts And Roles In New Construction   

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New Construction Concept

Providing proper school plant facilities is a major responsibility of the Board of Education and the district administration. The design of the school plant, adequacy of space, and flexibility of use, all combine to inhibit or enhance the instructional program.

Since school construction is costly, and buildings become a permanent part of the community to be used by large numbers of people, great care must be taken to make certain that the facilities will fully support the intended educational and community programs, that they may be altered conveniently and inexpensively to meet future educational and community needs, and that the styling of the facilities will permit them to fit harmoniously and attractively into the community.

Role of Board of Education

The Board of Education:

1. Decides what buildings shall be built, when and where, and what equipment shall be purchased for them.

2. Decides on the additions to buildings or any major alterations.

3. Selects and purchases school sites for future plant expansion.

4. Selects and employs school administration, architects and building inspectors where needed.

Role of Superintendent

The Superintendent:

1. Supervises the development of the building program of the district in accordance with the rules and regulations as set forth by the California Office of the State Architect.

2. Directs the planning of all educational features of new buildings or alterations of old buildings.

3. Accepts overall responsibility for the adequate implementation of the building program in accord with the educational needs of the district.

4. Shall designate an appropriate individual from the instructional office to develop the educational specifications.

5. Acts as authorized agent with various governmental officials in the building program.

Role of Director of Facilities

The Director of Facilities:

1. Coordinates the preparation of plans from the developed educational specifications.

2. Is responsible for the preparation of bids, award of contracts and the supervision of construction in collaboration with the architect.

3. Supervises and directs the building inspectors so that their work is adequately performed.

Legal Reference:


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17350-17360 Factory-built school buildings

17365-17374 Fitness of buildings for occupancy; liability of board members

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adopted: October 29, 1984 Elk Grove, California