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Planning-Determining Needs   

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Overall Needs

The Superintendent shall (1) establish planning procedures for school facilities, (2) determine the need for school facilities that will enhance the district's educational program, and (3) draw upon all resources from the district staff, educational consultants, local utility, commercial, industrial and governmental organizations to determine these needs. To assure a comprehensive approach to projecting and planning needs, the following aspects of need will be considered:

* The expanding and changing educational program of the district.

* Relations with the community, and projected developments in those relationships over the school.

* Particular care will be taken to permit greater use by school children of park and recreational facilities, and use by the community of school facilities.

* Plant and site aesthetics as they affect the education of students and feelings of people about their schools.

* Changing make-up of our population as to age distribution, educational levels, and the like.

* Community planning and zoning.

* Financial ability of the school district.

* Safety and welfare of students.

* Relationship between the projected new facilities and those already in existence.

* Economy reflecting full value for each tax dollar expended.

Projecting Educational Programs

The Superintendent or designee shall be responsible for (1) projecting educational programs, (2) planning for new school construction based on educational programs that have been approved by the Board of Education, and (3) planning of facilities to accommodate future changes in the educational program, wherever possible.

Forecasting Enrollment

The Superintendent or designee shall be responsible for the preparation of student enrollment forecasts using current enrollment information supplemented with data furnished by the County and/or City Planning Office, local public utilities, commercial, industrial and other governmental entities where appropriate.

Legal Reference:


35275 New school planning and design (re cooperative relations with recreation and park authorities)

39170 General power of district governing board to build and maintain a schoolhouse

39172 Establishment of additional schools


adopted: October 29, 1984 Elk Grove, California