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Article 5. Curriculum Development for CalWORKs Recipients   

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(a) Funds allocated pursuant to Section 79204 for the purposes of subsidized child care shall be utilized only for children of CalWORKs recipients through campus-based centers or parental choice vouchers subject to rules consistent with those applied to related programs operated by the State Department of Education, including those rules relating to eligibility, reimbursement rates, and parental contribution schedules.

(b) Subsidized campus child care shall be provided to CalWORKs recipients only if they are engaged in welfare-to-work activities pursuant to Section 11320.1 of the Welfare and Institutions Code, through the completion of their initial education and training plan and for up to three months thereafter or until the end of the academic year, whichever period of time is greater.

(c) Funds allocated pursuant to Section 79204 for workstudy shall be used for payments to those employers that currently participate in campus-based workstudy programs or are providing work experiences that are directly related to and in furtherance of student educational programs and work participation requirements. Those payments shall not exceed 75 percent of the wage for the workstudy positions, and the employers shall pay at least 25 percent of the wage for the workstudy positions. These funds may be expended on behalf of a CalWORKs recipient only if the recipient's total hours of education, employment, and workstudy meet the recipient's obligations as specified in Section 11322.8 of the Welfare and Institutions Code.

(Added by Stats. 2014, Ch. 34, Sec. 10.)