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An applicant agency may request a waiver of Section 8473. The Superintendent of Public Instruction may waive the conditions in Section 8473 only when compliance cannot be achieved due to a scarcity of families who do not meet the requirements for subsidization specified in Section 8468.5 and for the fee schedule established under subdivision (e) of Section 8263. The Superintendent of Public Instruction may base these waivers on verified demographic data from the community to be served.

No program shall be granted a waiver under this section for which the total net program costs per child served exceed the mean net cost of community child care for that region per child served by more than 1.5 market standard deviations.

(Amended by Stats. 1987, Ch. 1120, Sec. 10.)


Education Code 8263

Education Code 8468.5

Education Code 8473