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Expenditures; transfer of funds   

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The Director of Finance and the State Controller may approve any general plan whereby:

(a) Any expenditures which are a proper charge against money made available by the United States and deposited in the Vocational Education Federal Fund may be paid in the first instance from any appropriation from the General Fund expenditures from which are administered under the provisions of Sections 12050 to 12054, inclusive, and Sections 12020, 12220, and 12300 to 12307, inclusive, and

(b) The General Fund shall be reimbursed for expenditures made therefrom that are a proper charge against the Vocational Education Federal Fund. Such a general plan may provide for advance transfer from the Vocational Education Federal Fund to the General Fund, based on estimates of such expenditures that will be subject to reimbursement from the Vocational Education Federal Fund pursuant to such plan, and may provide for reimbursement to the Vocational Education Federal Fund when necessary.

Requests for reimbursement or transfer pursuant to such a plan shall be furnished to the State Controller in writing by the Department of Education, accompanied by such financial statements as the plan may provide, and on order of the State Controller, the required amount shall be transferred in accordance therewith.

(Enacted by Stats. 1976, Ch. 1010.)


Education Code 12020

Education Code 12050-12054

Education Code 12220

Education Code 12300-12307