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Donated food; Revolving fund   

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There is hereby created in the State Treasury the Donated Food Revolving Fund. The State Department of Education shall identify all assets in the Surplus Property Revolving Fund. The assets shall be separated by the State Department of Education into those assets which pertain to the Surplus Personal Property Program and those assets which pertain to the Donated Food Program. The unencumbered assets pertaining to surplus personal property will be transferred to the Department of General Services and deposited in the Surplus Personal Property Revolving Fund. The cash resources of the Donated Food Program shall be deposited into the Donated Food Revolving Fund. All costs of the California State Agency for Donated Food Distribution, including, but not limited to, costs of procuring, transporting, shipping, and storing surplus property or food commodities of the federal government or other agencies or individuals and its distribution to public agencies and other eligible institutions and organizations, costs of general assistance and real property procurement, and costs of consultant and contract services, shall be paid from this fund. The Donated Food Revolving Fund shall be reimbursed from the support appropriation for the agency for costs of general assistance and real property procurement in accordance with Sections 11251 and 11252 of the Government Code. The Surplus Property Revolving Fund shall cease to be a fund in the State Treasury when notification is received from the State Department of Education, verified by the Department of Finance, that all balances in the fund have been reduced to zero.

(Amended by Stats. 1984, Ch. 196, Sec. 5.)


Government Code 11251

Government Code 11252