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Transfer agreement programs   

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As a result of systemwide and interinstitutional agreements, each community college student shall be assured of the opportunity to enter into a transfer agreement program enabling a student to receive high priority consideration, attain equivalent special treatment, or enter into a contract when applying for university admission at the advanced standing level. It is recognized that eligibility for transfer agreement programs will require completion of certain requirements as defined in interinstitutional agreements. It is also recognized that access to majors of choice will in most cases, require completion of additional requirements, such as specialized coursework and attainment of a specialized grade point average.

Transfer agreement programs also shall carry high priority access to majors of choice. The University of California and the California State University shall require that continuing undergraduate students and community college transfer students are assessed against a common set of criteria for upper division standing to a specific major. However, generally speaking, access to these programs shall require completion of specialized coursework and attainment of a grade point average above the minimums defined in general admission requirements, such as those used in supplementary admission criteria for impacted or over-subscribed programs.

Alternatively, students may also, by meeting the University of California or California State University requirements for admission at the advanced standing level, simply wish to apply as required. All students meeting these admission requirements shall be guaranteed a place somewhere in the University of California or California State University system, as appropriate.

(Added by Stats. 1991, Ch. 1188, Sec. 5.)