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(a) California State University systemwide policy governing the provision of services to students with disabilities shall include a requirement that Disabled Student Services (DSS) directors maintain a list of readers who meet certain standards. These standards shall include some college education, a 3.0 grade point average, or the possession of equivalent skills. It is expected that most students will select a reader from this list.

(b) In addition, systemwide policy shall require that students and readers meet in a mutually agreeable public facility, either on campus or off campus, as appropriate to the student's coursework and consistent with campus policy. Requests for, and explanation of, the need for exceptions to this regulation shall be made in writing by a student on a standardized form developed by the California State University and maintained on file.

(c) Students who prefer a reader not on the campus list or prefer alternative locations for services mutually agreed to by the reader and the student, shall file written requests on a standardized form provided by the DSS director, or his or her designee, and developed by the California State University, to be maintained on file.

(d) At the beginning of each term, students shall receive a notice informing them of the option to choose a reader not on the list and to choose a location for receiving reader services in a nonpublic facility. The notice shall be signed by both the student and the DSS director, or his or her designee, and shall be maintained on file.

(Added by Stats. 1995, Ch. 758, Sec. 54.)