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Award held in trust while awarded attends community college   

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An individual selected for a Cal Grant A award who enrolls in a California community college may elect to have the award held in trust for him or her for a period not to exceed two academic years, except that the commission may extend the period in which his or her award may be held in trust for up to three academic years if, in the commission's judgment, the student's rate of academic progress has been as rapid as could be expected in light of the personal and financial conditions that the student has encountered. The commission shall, in that case, hold the award in trust, to be granted to the award winner upon receipt of his or her request therefor within that period, provided that at the time of making the request he or she meets all of the requirements of this chapter. Upon receipt of the request the commission shall assess or reassess the financial needs of the award winner. The commission may prescribe the forms and procedures to be utilized for the purposes of this section. The commission may award to another eligible individual any award being so held in trust, subject to this section and any other conditions and restrictions that may be imposed by the commission, to the end that all authorized awards are being continually utilized. Following the first year for which any Cal Grant award is made, the awards shall be included in the number of the continuing awards available for any year and not the authorized new awards for the year.

(Amended by Stats. 1990, Ch. 1372, Sec. 245.)