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Commission serves as state student loan guarantee agency   

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The commission shall serve as a state student loan guarantee agency, pursuant to P.L. 94-482, and subsequent federal regulations, including, but not limited to, the following provisions:

(a) The commission shall be the designated state agency for receiving any federal funds for administrative costs and payments of insurance obligations.

(b) Educational loans to undergraduate and graduate students and to their parent or parents, shall not exceed limits provided in federal law.

(c) Participating educational institutions shall notify lenders and the commission of enrollment status changes and current addresses of participating students.

(d) No educational institution shall lend to more than 50 percent of its undergraduate students; this provision may be waived by the United States Secretary of Education if the limitation creates a hardship for present or prospective students.

(e) A student may receive a loan only if he or she is maintaining satisfactory progress in a course of study pursuant to practices of the institution in which the student is enrolled, and provided the student had not previously defaulted on any student loan. If a student had made satisfactory arrangements to repay a default on a previous student loan, the student may be eligible to receive a loan.

(f) An insurance premium may be charged student borrowers not to exceed the maximum rate allowable, pursuant to federal statutes and regulations.

(Amended by Stats. 1994, Ch. 485, Sec. 3.)