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Article 2. Meetings   

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Except as provided in Sections 54957 and 54957.6 of the Government Code and in Section 72122 of, and subdivision (c) of Section 48914 of, this code, all meetings of the governing board of any community college district shall be open to the public, and all actions authorized or required by law of the governing board shall be taken at the meetings and shall be subject to the following requirements:

(a) Minutes shall be taken at all of those meetings, recording all actions taken by the governing board. The minutes are public records and shall be available to the public.

(b) An agenda shall be posted by the governing board, or its designee, in accordance with the requirements of Section 54954.2 of the Government Code. Any interested person may commence an action by mandamus or injunction pursuant to Section 54960.1 of the Government Code for the purpose of obtaining a judicial determination that any action taken by the governing board in violation of this subdivision or subdivision (b) of Section 72129 is null and void.

(Amended by Stats. 1986, Ch. 641, Sec. 3.)

Education Code 48914

Education Code 72122

Education Code 72129

Government Code 54954.2

Government Code 54957

Government Code 54957.6

Government Code 54960.1