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Closed sessions to consider student disciplinary action   

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The governing board of a community college district shall, unless a request by the student has been made pursuant to this section, hold closed sessions if the board is considering the suspension of, or disciplinary action or any other action in connection with any student of the community college district, if a public hearing upon the question would lead to the giving out of information concerning students which would be in violation of state or federal law regarding the privacy of student records.

Before calling a closed session of the governing board of the district to consider these matters, the governing board of the district shall, in writing, by registered or certified mail or by personal service, if the student is a minor, notify the student and his or her parent or guardian, or the student if the student is an adult, of the intent of the governing board of the district to call and hold the closed session. Unless the student, or his or her parent, or guardian shall, in writing, within 48 hours after receipt of the written notice of intention, request that the hearing of the governing board be held as a public meeting, then the hearing to consider those matters shall be conducted by the governing board in closed session. If the written request is served upon the clerk or secretary of the governing board, the meeting shall be public except that any discussion at the meeting that might be in conflict with the right to privacy of any student other than the student requesting the public meeting or on behalf of whom the meeting is requested, shall be in closed session. Whether the matter is considered at a closed session or at a public meeting, the final action of the governing board of the community college district shall be taken at a public meeting and the result of that action shall be a public record of the community college district.

The governing board of a community college district may hold closed sessions to consider the conferring of honorary degrees or to consider gifts from a donor who wants to remain anonymous.

(Amended by Stats. 1990, Ch. 1372, Sec. 307)