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Child development centers   

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(a) Notwithstanding any other provision of law, a child under two years of age whose parent is a student, or whose parents are students, may attend child development centers consistent with the priorities established pursuant to law.

(b) Children of students attending school at a particular campus shall have first priority for attendance at a child development center at that campus.

(c) Student families, as described in Section 8263, shall pay fees according to the fee schedule established by the Superintendent of Public Instruction pursuant to subdivision (f) of that section.

(d) Highest priority shall be given to student families with the greatest income deficit, and lowest priority to student families with the greatest income.

(e) For the purposes of assigning eligibility priority, applicant student families shall be grouped according to the amount of their income in one-hundred-dollar ($100) monthly increments. All student families within a particular income range shall be treated as if their incomes were the same, and priority for eligibility within each particular income range shall be assigned on the following basis:

(1) Single-parent student families.

(2) Two-parent families, where both parents are students or where one parent is a student and the other is working.

(f) Student families who are recipients of public assistance shall be subject to the same assignment of priority as other student families whose incomes fall in the same income range.

(Amended by Stats. 1995, Ch. 758. Sec. 108.)


Education Code 8263