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Exchange of property to settle boundary uncertainties   

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The governing board of any community college district owning real property or any interest or estate therein, a boundary line of which is uncertain or is in dispute, may, by unanimous vote of all the members elected or appointed to the board and without complying with any provision of this code except as provided in this article, exchange with the owner of the adjoining property, which is involved in the uncertainty or dispute, such portion or interest or estate in such school property for property of equal value of such owner adjacent to the property of the district for the purpose of settling such boundary line uncertainty or dispute. The question of value of the properties to be exchanged shall be determined by a panel of three disinterested and qualified real estate appraisers, one appraiser to be appointed by the governing board of the district, one appraiser to be appointed by the owner of the other property involved in the boundary line question, and the two appraisers so appointed to jointly select a third appraiser. One-half of the fee of each of said appraisers and one-half the fee of any surveyor employed to establish lines in connection with the determination of the boundary line uncertainty or dispute shall be a proper charge against the funds of the district, provided that no such appraiser, including the selection of the other party and the selected third appraiser, or surveyor, shall be employed for any purpose herein authorized unless and until a resolution of intention so to employ is adopted by the governing board of the district, and provided further that said resolution shall contain a statement substantially to the effect that the district shall notify any appraiser or surveyor before being so employed that he may collect only one-half his fee from the district.

(Enacted by Stats. 1976, Ch. 1010.)