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Delegation of power to contract   

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Wherever in this code the power to contract is invested in the governing board of the community college district or any member thereof, such power may by a majority vote of the board be delegated to its district superintendent, or to such persons as he may designate, or if there be no district superintendent then to such other officer or employee of the district as the board may designate. Such delegation of power may be limited as to time, money or subject matter or may be a blanket authorization in advance of its exercise, all as the governing board may direct; provided, however, that no contract made pursuant to such delegation and authorization shall be valid or constitute an enforceable obligation against the district unless and until the same shall have been approved or ratified by the governing board, said approval or ratification to be evidenced by a motion of said board duly passed and adopted. In the event of malfeasance in office, the district official invested by the governing board with such power of contract shall be personally liable to the district employing him for any and all moneys of the district paid out as a result of such malfeasance.

(Enacted by Stats. 1976, Ch. 1010.)