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The community college board may enter into indentures providing for the aggregate principal amount, date or dates, maturities, interest rates, denominations, form, registration, transfer, and interchange of any revenue bonds and coupons issued pursuant to this chapter, and the terms and conditions on which the same shall be executed, issued, secured, sold, paid, redeemed, funded, and refunded. Reference on the face of the bonds to such indenture by its date of adoption, or the apparent date on the face thereof, is sufficient to incorporate all of the provisions of the indenture and of this chapter into the body of the bonds and their appurtenant coupons. Each taker and subsequent holder of the bonds or coupons, whether the coupons are attached to or detached from the bonds, has recourse to all of the provisions of the indenture and of this chapter, and is bound thereby.

(Added by Stats. 1982, Ch. 251, Sec. 28.)