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Order of employment   

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The following general provisions shall apply regardless of date of employment:

The order once determined by lot shall be permanent, and shall be entered on the permanent records of the district.

Records showing date of employment, whether kept by the district or by the county, shall be accessible, on demand, to any academic employee of the district or to his or her designated representative.

In the absence of records as to any of the matters referred to in the two preceding sections, the board, in accordance with evidence presented, shall determine the order of employment after giving employees a reasonable opportunity to present such evidence.

The governing board of every community college district shall establish the order of employment of all contract or regular employees of the district in the manner prescribed by Sections 87400 to 87424, inclusive, and shall keep a roster of same as a public record.

Whether or not a roster is kept in other districts, the order of employment in all districts, when required, shall be determined as prescribed by Sections 87400 to 87424, inclusive.

The board shall have power and it shall be its duty to correct any errors discovered from time to time in its records showing the order of employment.

(Amended by Stats. 1990, Ch. 1302, Sec. 45.)


Education Code 87400-87424