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Contract employee whose services have been terminated   

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Any contract employee whose services have been terminated as provided in Section 87743 shall have the following rights:

(a) For the period of 24 months from the date of the termination, any employee who in the meantime has not attained the age of 70 years shall have the preferred right to reappointment, subject to the prior rights to reappointment by all regular employees as set forth in Section 87744, in the order of original employment as determined by the governing board in accordance with Sections 87405 to 87424, inclusive, if the number of employees is increased or the discontinued service is reestablished, with no requirements that were not imposed upon other employees who continued in service. However, no contract or temporary employee with less seniority shall be employed to render a service for which the employee meets minimum qualifications and is competent to render.

(b) As to any employee who is reappointed, the period of his or her absence shall be treated as a leave of absence and shall not be considered as a break in the continuity of his or her service, he or she shall retain the classification and order of employment he or she had when his or her services were terminated, and credit for prior service under any state or district retirement system shall not be affected by the termination. However, the period of his or her absence shall not be counted as a part of the service required for attaining regular status in the district or, except as provided in subdivision (c), for retirement purposes.

(c) During the period of his or her preferred right to reappointment, the employee, in the order of original employment and subject to the rights of regular employees as set forth in Section 87744, shall be offered prior opportunity for temporary service during the absence of any other employee who has been granted leave of absence or who is temporarily absent from duty. However, his or her services may be terminated upon a return to duty of the other employee, such temporary service shall not affect the retention of his or her previous classification and rights.

(d) At any time prior to the completion of one year after his or her return to service, an employee reappointed under this section may elect to continue or to reinstate his or her membership and interest in any state or district retirement system and to receive retirement benefits as if no absence from service had occurred. In the event of such an election, the employee shall pay into the retirement system the amount of his or her share of contribution and the district's share of contribution attributable to the period of absence and the amount of any contributions withdrawn, plus interest.

(Amended by Stats. 1995, Ch. 758. Sec. 170.)


Education Code 87405

Education Code 87424

Education Code 87743

Education Code 87744