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School Housing Aid for Reorganized Districts   

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Notwithstanding, and in lieu of, any provisions of this chapter to the contrary, excepting Section 15725 if during the fiscal year 1950-1951, or any subsequent fiscal year, a conditional apportionment is or has been made to a district, hereinafter referred to as the original district, and if the original district (1) holds or has held all elections required by Section 15721, and (2) before the apportionment becomes final is or has been annexed to or included in whole in another district, hereinafter referred to as the acquiring district, which had prior thereto received its first final apportionment under this chapter during the same fiscal year, and (3) after the inclusion or annexation sells or has sold the bonds authorized by the aforesaid elections, the board may approve any application by the governing board of the acquiring district and make an apportionment, or apportionments, for any project for which the original district would have been eligible under this chapter had such inclusion not taken place. No apportionment shall be made to the acquiring district under this section unless the proceeds of the bonds which the board required the original district to sell are available for and will be contributed toward the cost of the approved project. Any apportionment made to the acquiring district under this section shall become final when made.

The computations provided in Sections 15729, 15730, and 15733 with respect to apportionments made under this section shall be made exactly as though the acquiring school district was comprised only of the original school district.

Any rate or amount of tax levied pursuant to or under the authority of Sections 14204 and 15742, or any other provision of law, for the purpose of producing the amount or any part thereof deducted by the Controller with respect to apportionments made under this section, during any fiscal year under Sections 15735 and 15738 from apportionments to the acquiring district from the State School Fund shall be levied only on property in the original school district.

(Added by Stats. 1996, Ch. 277, Sec. 2. Operative January 1, 1998.)


Education Code 14204 (Repealed)

Education Code 15721

Education Code 15725

Education Code 15729

Education Code 15730

Education Code 15733

Education Code 15735

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Education Code 15742