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Curriculum Development for CalWORKS Recipients   

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To the extent that funding is provided in the annual Budget Act, a community college shall receive funding for educational services provided to CalWORKs recipients based on the number of CalWORKs recipients that are enrolled at the community college and the scope and number of programs that the college plans to offer to assist CalWORKs recipients obtain employment. Prior to receiving funding, a community college shall submit to the chancellor a Request for Application which contains a plan for curriculum development or redesign. The plan shall include all of the following:

(a) Evidence that the curriculum will prepare students for an occupation that is in demand in the local labor market or that is in an emerging field that has documented employment potential.

(b) Participation by the county welfare department to establish that the programs being developed or redesigned will provide CalWORKs recipients with the training and experience necessary to secure employment, including intensive English language proficiency.

(c) Evidence of collaboration with local partners, such as employers, private industry councils, regional occupational programs, adult education providers, and affected counties in the development and design of the curriculum.

(d) Procedures to monitor CalWORKs recipients who complete the new curricula and transition into employment.

(e) A description of new courses for CalWORKs recipients that are designed to aid recipients with job-related advancement.

(Amended by Stats. 2004, Ch. 668, Sec. 3.)