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Curriculum Development for CalWORKS Recipients   

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To the extent that funding is provided in the annual Budget Act, funds received by a community college for curriculum development or redesign for CalWORKs recipients may be expended for all of the following purposes:

(a) To develop or redesign vocational curricula for CalWORKs recipients so that courses may be offered as part of a short-term intensive program, including Open Entry and Open Exit programs, and including intensive English language immersion.

(b) To link CalWORKs courses to job placement through work experience and internships.

(c) To redesign basic education and ESL classes so that they may be integrated with vocational training programs.

(d) To expand the use of telecommunications in providing the new curricula to CalWORKs recipients.

(Amended by Stats. 2004, Ch. 668, Sec. 4.)