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Community college partnerships for building education centers   

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(a) A community college may develop a public-private partnership for the purpose of constructing education buildings or education centers. The facilities may be constructed on a site donated through the public-private partnership agreement between the community college and the private sector. The construction of any education building or education center is subject to approval by the Board of Governors of the California Community Colleges if the education building or education center is eligible for state funding for construction, equipment, or ongoing maintenance. Community colleges shall not be eligible to receive state funds for off-campus centers unless recommended by the California Postsecondary Education Commission pursuant to Section 66904.

(b) (1) If a community college requests state funding for an education building or education center constructed through a public-private partnership, funding for that facility shall not supersede community college facilities that have been previously prioritized by the board of governors and are awaiting state funding. These facilities shall be subject to the board of governors' annual prioritization process and shall not receive higher priority for state funding solely because the facilities are constructed through a public-private partnership.

(2) Any state funding to reimburse a community college for construction of a facility pursuant to this subdivision shall not exceed that community college's share of costs.

(c) A community college may request state funding for instructional equipment for an education building or education center that is constructed through a public-private partnership or that is acquired without state funding. However, funding for that equipment shall be provided in the same manner as for other community college facilities, provided that the construction or acquisition of the facility otherwise would have qualified as a priority project for state funding.

(d) On or before January 1, 1999, the board of governors shall adopt regulations to implement this section. However, prior to adopting these regulations, the Chancellor of the California Community Colleges shall consult with the Department of Finance and the Legislative Analyst.

(Added by Stats. 1997, Ch. 342, Sec. 1.)


Education Code 66904