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Student Teachers/Internships   

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The district may enter into agreements with colleges and universities for the use of student teachers and teacher interns. The superintendent or designee is authorized to negotiate these agreements.

Teacher training institutions which request the district to assign student teachers shall supply the following information:

1. Name of student.

2. Desired participation: observation or student teaching.

3. Time of day available.

4. Number of periods of participation.

5. Subject area or grade level.

The principal and staff shall assist the student teacher to obtain a rounded picture of school life and to learn about the typical responsibilities of a teacher, including classroom and nonclassroom duties.

The student teacher's progress and success shall be evaluated by the teacher to whom he/she is assigned.

Legal Reference:


44320 Professional preparation; student teaching education courses

44321 Student internship courses

44450-44467 Teacher Education Internship Act of 1967


adopted: November 20, 1989 Escondido, California