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Employment Of Relatives   

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In order to ensure effective supervision, security, and morale, and to prevent actual and/or apparent conflicts of interest and favoritism, no applicant or employee shall be:

1. Selected for a position by a member of his/her immediate family who is in the line of supervision for that position

2. Assigned to a position where a member of his/her immediate family is the direct supervisor/evaluator for the position

"Immediate family" for the purpose of this policy refers to a spouse or cohabitant and child (natural, adopted, or step), sibling, parent, grandparent, or grandchild of an employee or any other relative residing in the household or with a financial relationship to the employee.

Immediate family members may be employed in the same department or work location upon approval of the superintendent or designee after determination that the situation poses no conflict of interest or hazard greater than for non-relatives.

If coworkers marry, the superintendent or designee will assess similarly the situation and make reasonable efforts to assign job duties so as to minimize problems of supervision, security, morale, conflicts of interest, and favoritism.

In addition to any requirements imposed by State law, a Board of Education member may not vote or attempt to influence the vote of other board members on personnel matters that involve his/her immediate family. Education Code section 35107 requires that a member of the Board of Education abstain from voting on personnel matters that uniquely affect a relative of the member. The member, however, may vote on collective bargaining agreements and personnel matters that affect a class of employees to which the relative belongs (See also Board Bylaws 9270).

Legal Reference:


12940 Unlawful employment practices, exceptions

1090 Conflicts of Interest: Contracts


adopted: March 28, 1996 Escondido, California