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Governor's Scholarship Programs   

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(a) Awards and the investment earnings accumulated pursuant to this article shall be available for the payment of qualified higher education expenses, as defined in subdivisions (g) and (l) of Section 69980. Pursuant to its authority under subdivision (d) of Section 69981, the board shall adopt rules and regulations to ensure that funds authorized by this chapter are disbursed directly to the institution of higher education indicated by an award recipient on his or her form.

(b) Funds authorized by this article are nontransferable to any other person or entity and may only be used for the purposes stated herein. No funds authorized by this article may be pledged as collateral for any loan.

(c) (1) Awards and their investment earnings invested in the Scholarshare Trust shall remain assets of, and owned by, the state until used for the payment of qualified higher education expenses as authorized by this section, and shall remain invested in the Scholarshare Trust until they are used for the purposes authorized by this section or until the recipient achieves the age of 30, whichever occurs first. If, due to death or disability, an award recipient is unable to attend an institution of higher education before reaching the age of 30 and the scholarship funds have not already been used for purposes of this article, the scholarship funds designated for the recipient shall revert to the General Fund.

(2) Any funds not utilized within this time period shall revert to the General Fund after the payment of any amount determined to be due the federal government as a result of the reversion.

(d) The board shall establish rules and regulations for an award recipient to claim the funds deposited and accrued in the Scholarshare Trust in the name of that recipient, including, but not limited to, the claim process, qualified distributions, necessary documentation, deadlines for submission of claims for awards, the granting of awards, appeals procedures, and any forfeiture procedures. The board has no authority to validate testing methods or test scores contemplated by this article and shall not make any determination regarding the validity of these testing methods or test scores.

(e) The board shall request each award recipient to voluntarily report personal information, including, but not limited to, ethnicity, gender, and family income. The board shall compile and retain this information in a confidential manner so that the personal information of any award recipient is not publicly disclosed in a manner that may be associated with particular individuals.

(f) Within the annual report required pursuant to Section 69989, the board shall also include, at a minimum, the number of pupils with qualifying scores for an award pursuant to this article, the number of Governor's Scholars awards claimed and disbursed, the rate of return earned by the funds authorized by this article in the previous five fiscal years, the amount of funds expended pursuant to this article in the previous five fiscal years, and a list, by high school, of the number of awards granted pursuant to the program authorized by this article. To the extent that information is available and can be disclosed without allowing the information to be associated with particular individuals, the board shall include information on the ethnicity, gender, and family income of award recipients.

(Amended by Stats. 2001, Ch. 734, Sec. 65.)


Education Code 69980

Education Code 69981

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