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Escondido Union ESD |  AR  4319.41  Personnel

Employees With Infectious Disease Resulting In A Disability   

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The Board of Education encourages employees to inform the district of any illness which represents a handicap as soon as an individual learns of his/her condition.

Release Form:

When informed that an employee is infected with an infectious disease and that infectious disease has caused a physical or mental disability, the superintendent's designee shall request that the employee sign a release form to provide confidential medical records.

Evaluation of Employee Condition:

Upon receipt of a signed release of confidential medical records, the superintendent's designee shall seek consultation with the employee's private medical physician and a public health physician who possess expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of infectious disease(s).

To made recommendations that will assist the district in determining whether the employee should continue working in his/her present assignment, including whether the employee can perform the essential requirements of the job with reasonable accommodations and without posing a significant health risk to others, the medical evaluators shall consider the following factors:

1. Nature of the disease and the probability of its being transmitted, including the duration and severity of the risk;

2. Physical condition of the employee including diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis of the condition; and

3. Requirements of the job and the expected type of interaction with others in the school setting; and

4. Providing the district with any medically related restrictions to performing the full range of the essential functions of their current assignment as well as the medical restrictions to the type of contact the employee may have with other employees, students, or the public.

Modification of Duties/Leaves of Absence:

No exclusion or modification in the infected employee's job duties or assignments shall be made without an identification of restriction on a case-by-case basis by the aforementioned medical doctors.

Using the medical recommendation and job requirements as a basis, recommend to the board that it may authorize the superintendent's designee to reassign the employee to an appropriate position that reasonably accommodates the effects of the disability. In the event that, using the medical recommendation and job requirements, it is determined that an employee is unable to perform his/her job responsibilities because of illness or whose illness endangers his/her health or the health of others, the employee shall be entitled to exhaust all available paid sick leave. The district shall assist the employee in applying for PERS or STRS disability retirement, as appropriate.

In keeping with the Health and Safety Code, the district will distribute to its employees information about AIDS, AIDS-related conditions, and Hepatitis B, as such information is compiled and updated by the California Department of Education, including information about the availability of a vaccine to prevent contraction of Hepatitis B. Employees shall be informed as to whether the cost of the vaccination is covered by their health plan.

The designee shall be the assistant superintendent of human resources, or, in his/her absence, another administrator in the division of human resources as referenced in these regulations.

Any decisions regarding modification of duties or assignment shall be made by the assistant superintendent, human resources, in consultation with the individual responsible for risk management for the district.


February 24, 2000 Escondido, California