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Legal Resources | Education Code |  EC  8993  

School Nutrition; Nutrition Education   

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The Legislature encourages school instructional staff to do the following:

(a) Be informed about the negative consequences of using food as a reward and of withholding food from pupils as punishment.

(b) The need to closely coordinate with the food service program and other components of the school health program in order to integrate nutrition concepts into the instruction of other subject areas.

(c) Cooperate with other agencies and community groups to provide opportunities for pupil volunteer work related to nutrition, such as assisting with food recovery efforts and preparing nutritious meals for house-bound people.

(d) Collaborate with agencies and groups conducting nutrition education in the community to send consistent messages to pupils and their families. Guest speakers invited to address pupils shall receive appropriate orientation to the relevant policies of the district.

(e) Disseminate information to parents, guardians, pupils, and staff about community programs that offer nutrition assistance to families.

(f) Model healthy eating behaviors.

(Added by Stats. 2002, Ch. 1163, Sec. 2.)